North East Scotland Bat Group

The North East Scotland Bat Group formed in 2009 to replace the hibernating Aberdeen Bat Group.

Members of the group are from a wide range of backgrounds and knowledge of bats and everyone is welcome! Our members range from environmental professionals working directly with bats to those with very little experience.

As a group we aim to:

•        Advance the protection and conservation of bats, their roosts, feeding areas and hibernacula in NE Scotland.

•        Promote awareness of and enjoyment of bats among the public and other stakeholders.

•        Promote the training of members and sharing of skills and knowledge.

The group holds a series of seasonal field meetings during the bat season and a number of indoor meetings and skill sessions in the colder months.

Details of past and events to come can be found on our events page. The majority of these are free to members of the group to attend but on occasion we may need to charge a small fee with some specialist skills workshops.

Membership of the group cost £10 per year which covers the cost of running our various events and as a member you will be given priority when events have limited places.

Non members are able to attend their first event for free but must become a member before attending subsequent events.

A membership form can be found on our site

Please return it to our Treasurer at the address on the form or bring it along to one of you events.

The group is also actively involved in contributing to the Bat Conservation Trust’s National Bat Monitoring Programme. No experience is needed to participate as you may be paired up with a more experienced tutor.

For more information about these surveys please see and if you are interested in participating please contact

Please note the group only holds third party liability insurance and therefore is not responsible or liable for your own health and safety during any of our events.